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Life Coaching and Reiki 

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You hold the power of healing, become your highest self!

I am Denisse Zamora, a 24year-old Latina and Bay Area native. I am a certified life coach and Reiki practitioner. Throughout the course of my life I've had many people close to me deal with mental health issues. I remember growing up and watching my mom struggle as doctors treated her with medications for her stress and anxiety. I decided I wanted to help people and I attended Cal-State East Bay and received my bachelors degree in Psychology. That is where I realized that the Western medicine approach to mental health issues did not resonate with me. In my final year of college I was consumed with anxiety. I had spent 4 years of my life working for this degree that no longer aligned with me. 


Because of my work as an ABA therapist at the time, it led me to meet my mentor Britt Yap. I was going to her home weekly to work with her son Reef, who was 3 years old at the time. Britt, being a life coach, Reiki Master Teacher and hypnotherapist, noticed how anxious I was. She told me about Reiki. I remember the first time I received Reiki from Britt, and how it changed my life.I had finally found a way that would allow me to help people heal the root cause of their illnesses, naturally. It worked for me, so I knew I could help a lot of people. This is my passion, helping people heal so that they can love their life and become the highest version of themselves. 


"I went to my first reiki session with Denisse about 2 weeks ago very unaware of what it even was. She explained everything to me so well and gave me a full understanding of what to expect. Leaving this session had me feeling so light and at ease. I had a lot of stuff happening in my personal life that had my anxiety skyrocketing and to leave with it all gone is insane. DEFINITELY coming back after this experience!"

S.A Hayward, CA.

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