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These are testimonies of people who have took the first step

to become their Highest Self!

“Before seeing Denisse I was having really bad anger rages and anxiety. I was  stressed and always thinking negative thoughts. I couldn't sleep and I felt like I wasn't being the best mom I could be. I  work around a lot of people and sometimes I let the energy they carry affect mine. Denisse's page popped up on my IG and started to follow her because she offers Reiki sessions. I was so skeptical and unsure about it all. After my session I can honestly say I feel like a brand new person. You just need to keep an open mind. During the session I felt some tingling and I felt very light. I felt negative energy being drained from my body! She informed me a few of my chakras were congested, and gave me a few affirmations. It has been a week now and I feel more at peace with myself and happier. I'm so excited for my next sessions and the growth.”

M.C S. San Francisco, CA.

"I had so much anxiety leading up to my appt and had no idea what to expect. I wanted to try reiki since I heard so much of it. I originally reached out to her via Instagram, and she was responsive and also accommodated my needs. When I arrived to her house, I felt so welcomed. We walked into the backyard, and she began to make me as comfy as possible. She then when ahead and explained what the process will be. When she started the process I literally felt negative energy being removed from my body. I felt a tingly sensation, all over my thighs, my feet, and forehead. When I was done I felt lighter all around. When I walked inside my house my mom even said I look like I’m glowing. I will def come back for another session, I really think this will help with my underline problems.”

S.M Fremont, CA.

"I can't even begin to explain what a light Denisse has brought to my life. I first heard of her business from a peer when I was in a group therapy for mental health when I was having a hard time. From the first time I met Denisse I could feel like her soul was ready to help mine for the better good. She sought to really understand what was going on in all parts of my life. Mind you- I've been in treatment for mental health for over 3 years with multiple therapists and Psychiatrists, and honestly she's better than many of them. Additionally, I'm a Counselor in the mental health field and I know that there are a lot of things we don't have answers for and how challenging it can be to get things moving in the right direction. Even with all my knowledge and tools to help my mental health I know, for me personally, it takes more than that. I had experience already doing energy work in a specific type of yoga called brain & body yoga that changed my life so I was very excited and curious to see what reiki could do.

From my first session, I could FEEL the energy at my head with so much power and it was a sensation I hadn't felt before. She was really good at explaining how everything worked and making me feel comfortable and relaxed, which is a big thing for me since I'm a ball of anxiety. I had the most beautiful visions of meeting my highest self and finally feeling like things were going to be okay. I bawled like a baby and Denisse explained that this was energy releasing from my body and so we let it be. Since then, I have multiple reiki sessions with her each month and I've also had the pleasure of having a life coaching session. She is just as good as a therapist honestly. I was not expecting her to handle all of my tragic traumatic history with so much openness, understanding, and nonjudgementalness. This was the biggest thing for me. She's brought so much love, light, and healing into my life. Anybody would be lucky to experience something this beautiful. Thank you Denisse!"

K.Z Newark, CA.

“Before my Reiki session I had very basic knowledge of what it was and what it would do to me. Being a naturally tense person who holds most of my bad energy in, I wasn’t too sure how much it would help. Before the session began I was told more Reiki and what it was possible to experience during the session. During the session I physically felt almost a tingly sensation on my legs and on my hands, almost as if I was being touched. When it finished and I sat up, my body felt different, lighter and if weight had been taken off my shoulders and my head was in a clearer space. I’m looking forward to the following sessions and I Believe everything should experience this at least once in their lifetime.”

A.D Patterson, CA.

"This was my first time hearing about Reiki and I was very interested in going and trying it out since I’ve been transitioning into a new chapter in my life. This transition has caused a lot of stress which has left my body so tense and stiff. I tend to carry that stress in my shoulders and lower back. It was the most tranquil experience I’ve had yet! Denisse made me feel really comfortable and once we started the session within the first 3 minutes I felt my body release and loosen up. I couldn’t believe how I naturally was so tensed up. I felt as if my body melted and was at ease.. Even after the session I felt so light and positive. I definitely can’t wait to go back again! Denisse is not only very easy going but she’s great at communicating what to expect and what to look for after your visit!"

B.L Hayward, CA.

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